By Lisa M. Comento

Who: Chef Amy Riolo and Alex Safos
What: Greece Cuisine, Culture & Wellness Tour
When: June 11-22, 2017
Where: Athens, Ikaria, Samos
Why: Learn more on Chef Amy Riolo’s blog
How: Payment information (New Deadline April 26th)

Photo by Chef Amy Riolo

The same duo, Chef Amy Riolo and Alex Safos, who led an amazing culinary tour of Morocco last fall have another tour lined up in Greece. Chef Amy will head the culinary portion while Alex will lead the cultural tours. The tour includes three private cooking classes as well as lectures on the Greco-Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences on food. There will be two dynamic workshops that Chef Amy will lead. The first on olive oil and the second on culinary medicine and how to incorporate these new habits into your daily routine.

“We chose locations which are representative of all aspects of the Greek lifestyle – from cosmopolitan and historic Athens to the gorgeous island of Ikaria – known for its idyllic ‘blue zone’ lifestyle, and Samos, for its beauty, beaches, gastronomy, and anthropological sites,” Chef Amy said about why they chose Athens, Ikaria, and Samos.

Imagine traveling to Athens, Greece to see the Pathenon’s architectural beauty that was built in 447 BCE. Wander through Syntagma Square tasting flaky pastries or sipping a frappe. Chef Amy will educate you on the history of Grecian cuisine as you sample the local fare and take in the sites and sounds of Greece.

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Hop on a plane with your tour group to the island of Ikaria known as the “island where people forget to die.” Ikaria is one of few “blue zones” in the world known for their inhabitants to live a measurably longer life. This longevity is credited to living a very active healthy lifestyle. Chef Amy will host a “culinary medicine” workshop where you can learn healthier eating habits and some of the locals’ secrets to living longer.

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Step onto a ferry for the last leg of the tour to the island of Samos where you will discover enchanting forests. You will be staying steps away from the beach and Homer’s “wine dark sea.” Embark on a tour of the Temple of Heraion, the ancient sanctuary of the goddess, Hera. Sample Greek wines at the Museum of Samos Wines in the island’s capital city of Vathy.

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“I love the energy and climate and feel at home there. I’m looking forward to offering our guests a new way to approach The Mediterranean lifestyle by showing them how history and culture combined in each of the locations we will be visiting to contribute to the culture today. I will offer practical ways to implement the delicious and healthful eating habits at home, which will be transformative for many,” Chef Amy said on why she is especially looking forward to this tour.

The 4th century BCE philosopher, Epicurus once said, “We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” This simple concept is a timeless metaphor for living happy prosperous life and the 2017 Greek Cuisine, Culture, and Wellness tour.

Written by Lisa M. Comento