Michale Haase

Imagine life without apps? Scary, right? They have become as normal to us as putting on our shoes. We use them to count calories, check on the next bus arrival or share photos with people all over the globe.

Plant Jammer is an online vegetarian cooking assistant created by Michael Haase of Copenhagen, Denmark. Ideal for those who are currently vegetarians or want to learn how to prepare more plant-based dishes. This assistant will also help those who do not feel confident in the kitchen yet want to eat healthier meals. Michael believes that food is the smartest way to make the world more sustainable.

“We don’t need regulators or big infrastructure projects to do tremendous improvements in our use of CO2, energy, water and arable land. I learned this working as a commodity strategist in Merrill Lynch London, and then as a consultant for McKinsey for the energy and agriculture industry,” Michael said on what inspired him early on to create the cooking platform.

Plant Jammer launches this month and aims to be the world’s best vegetarian cooking assistant. Artificial Intelligence is used to see patterns in more than three million recipes online and to find out what ingredients pair best together. There are some basic cooking rules such as remember to balance the five tastes, texture, al dente, and mouthfeel to the dish. These basic elements can create an infinite cookbook since people can build their recipes on www.plantjammer.com.

One of many pasta dishes can can be built.

Michael’s vision for Plant Jammer is for it to be so easy to use that it reaches and is used by 1 million people all over the world.

“If we can get 1 billion people to eat plant-based one day per week, we would save as much CO2 as we would by converting all personal cars in U.S., Germany and the UK to electric. I envision Plant Jammer to be used in several media: An App, an Amazon Alexa Skillset, a ‘jammer stand’ in your local grocery, a Facebook Messenger Chatbot, and in all those apps that salad take away places have in every street corner in NYC,” Michael said on how Plant Jammer would be an integral part of sustainable food practices from a technology stance.

Prior to Plant Jammer, Michael worked in corporate establishments. While he was proud of his work, something always felt like it was missing since he wanted to create a company that helped people on a global scale. He understood the risks but risks are essential when it comes to making dreams come true.

The Plant Jammer team consists of two software developers, four data scientists, and one designer. Michael is the team leader and also focuses on the building relationships with users by communicating with them over social media and testing recipes. Michael’s passion and positive energy is evident from his social media presence and will only strengthen his success with Plant Jammer.

Plant Jammer Team

“We believe in the wisdom of the crowd. We take three million highly reputed recipes online and each recipe is a vote for a set of ingredients going together. There will be some odd recipes out there with bad pairs but they will disappear in the crowd of good pairs. It’s the law of large numbers. On top, we include all the aromas in each ingredient. The assistant knows the 148 aromas that constitute your taste experience of a banana. We include that to extrapolate on the recipe patters and find unexpected pairs that have never been tried before such as banana and zucchini, or mango and eggplant,” Michael explained about the concept behind building the recipes.

Data Scientists busy at work!

World-famous cookbook author, Mark Bittman, has been a supporter and a good friend to Michael since the beginning. Claus Meyer, who set up the Nordic food court in Grand Central, is another Plant Jammer supporter. Michael also communicates on a weekly basis with a handful of other dynamic chefs for further inspiration.

They are going for a Seed funding round in 1Q 2018 and once the funding is in place they can move forward.

One of many delicious healthy recipes that can be built.

At this point, they have built the personalization aspect of Plant Jammer with five questions that tell the user what type of chef they are and in turn helps them navigate their taste style via Plant Jammer. The assistant will allow users to learn more about their taste buds, which will then make users better chefs

Michael said they are also building a component called ‘standing on the shoulders of giants,’ where they plan to invite high-end chefs to create videos and AMA sessions with the users. For example, Mark Bittman would teach users how to make the best pasta or Chef Rene Redzepi explore Nordic cooking principles. Plant Jammer has focused on Denmark with plans of reaching the U.S. early next year.

Feedback is golden for any new business. Michael encourages people to go to www.plantjammer.com on a build a few dishes. There is a feedback button for users to provide their thoughts or suggestions.

What are you waiting for? Go check out their website now and happy recipe building!


Written by Lisa M. Comento